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Tuesday, April 17, 2018
By A Thousand Words Photography
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Matt & Emma-Fall Engagement 

Matt and Emma's engagement session was extra special because they choose to do it at their home, which is also where their wedding will be! Since they live on a farm, I of course was extra excited for all the awesome spots for backgrounds! Several times I would mention a spot and Matt would be a little surprised that I thought that would work, but some of those turned out to be some of his favorites! He proposed to Emma in the hayloft where he wrote out his proposal with hay bales so we ventured up there as well. And boy oh boy do they have a fantastic view of the sunset! Took total advantage of that and created an image like I don't think I ever have before, making them look like they're on the edge of the earth, which has become one of my favorites for sure. Matt and Emma are so easy going and love to laugh so it is always a joy spending time with them. So excited for their wedding to come in July!

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