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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
By A Thousand Words Photography
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I often get inquiries every year about doing different restoration projects for people who have old photos that they would like enhanced and reprinted. Many times these are very cherished family photos from years past that hold a special place in there heart. I have come to greatly enjoy the restoration process, bring the photos back to looking similar to their original condition by removing tears, folds, scratches, dust spots and adjusting color, contrast, and sharpness. It bring me so much joy to see everyone's faces light up when the restored photo is revealed! Every photo restoration is a different condition and there are endless options to how you can have the final product so I always let you decide what you'd like done with the photo.

1. This was part of a large restoration project. The Trumbles were remodeling a family cabin and wanted to use photos from all the years they had been at the cabin in the decor throughout the cabin once they were finished.

2. The Pufahls had a house fire and this photo was saved. Copies were made for the three brothers in the photo as Christmas gifts.

3. This was a painting that was photographed in order to restore and make copies of for family members of the artist.

4. A high school portrait had basic wear and tear on the original so it was restored and new prints were made.

5. Aging caused some fading and damage to this family portrait restored for a surprise gift.

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Meg - I love the print you made of my mom's oil painting. I walk past it every day and think of my mom. It brings me great joy!