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Saturday, February 17, 2018
By A Thousand Words Photography
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Tanner-Stoughton High School-Class of 2018

Tanner’s senior session was a family affair and we got such an awesome variety of photo locations! A photographer’s delight! Starting in town on the old buildings surrounding the blocks of the studio never disappoints. The blue shirt Tanner wore popped with so many of the different brick buildings. Their special request was to do the rest of the session at his grandparents’ home a little out ways out of Poynette. I of course was thrilled, as I love new spots to photograph, especially when it’s private property, as I may never have the chance to photograph there again. So when we arrived and I saw endless opportunities for backgrounds, I took full advantage! His grandparents and younger brothers greeted us upon arrival and we quickly got started. Old buildings and barns are my go to, and the building we started with was the original home to this farm! How cool is that?! Tanner’s grandpa had all sorts of neat stuff and stories to go along with everything. He was so helpful with anything I needed, at one point even weeding though I reassured him it wasn’t in the photos! So sweet! The next treasure was hidden in the trees but I could have photographed Tanner on the vintage car all day! It was obvious this had special meaning to the family and they were most excited about the photos on the car. Tanner is on the cross country team so doing photos with his team jacket was a must. When Tanner was younger he helped his grandpa plant a bunch of pine trees on the property so that was our final stop. Grandpa was a little surprised when I asked him to step in for a photo with Tanner but I felt it was a must especially when they brought up a photo they had together from when they planted the trees. It was so nice spending time with this family and I loved how involved and excited they all are together. No doubt Tanner has a big cheering section for his cross country meets!

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